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Delorme USA Topo Maps


Detailed, up-to-date topo maps, with trails and public land boundaries.

The topo maps from DeLorme are the most detailed and up-to-date topo maps available for outdoor recreation in the states. They combine trail data from private sources with excellent topographic detail. The DeLorme maps are the result of thirty years' experience creating high-quality, detailed cartographic atlases, software, and GPS hardware to meet today's digital map data needs. Map detail is consistent nationwide and coverage in rural areas is unparalleled.

Topographic details include 377,000 miles of trails, and public land boundaries such as National & State parks, and national & state forests. These up-to-date boundaries are essential for activities such as hunting. The maps are relief-shaded to highlight the terrain.

The DeLorme maps are available for purchase state by state. Smaller states in New England and Atlantic region are grouped together (New England consists of CT, MA & RI. The Atlantic region consists of DE, MD, NJ & DC).

The different scales of map are refered to as "Levels". The least detailed is Level8 and the most detailed is Level 15. Levels 8 through 12 are accessible with the Memory-Map app for free. When you purchase a state, the license includes Levels 13, 14 and 15. Level 15 is about the same detail as a 1:50,000 scale topo map.

When purchased on iPhone or iPad with an iTunes in-app purchase, the maps are licensed for any iOS device associated with your iTunes account. When purchased via our web site with your Memory-Map account, you can use the maps on a PC tablet and phone, using Windows, Android or iOS.

The PC version allows you to plan your trip using our 3D terrain viewer, and print out paper maps to take with you. (When you are exploring away from civilization, we recommend that you don't rely solely on your electronic gadgets, and a paper map and compass are a good idea).

We also have the classic USGS Topo 7.5' Quads.


  • Moving map, lock GPS position anywhere on screen
  • Record breadcrumb trail/track logs.
  • Create and edit marks and routes.
  • Import and export marks, routes and tracks in the open GPX format
  • Display; Position, Average heading & speed, Compass heading, ETA, XTE, etc. The Navigation data window is user-configurable.
  • Follow Route with range, bearing and time to next waypoint or end.
  • - Auto-rotate screen (can be locked in preferred orientation)
  • Android Wear smart watch support for alarm notifications and navigation data display.

Bulk region download

You can bulk-download the maps to select the exact region you want to store on your device. On Android devices, use the route download option in the digital map shop listing. On iOS, the instructions are here.