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All Memory-Map mapping software is FREE, but....Mapping software

.... it's only completely free when you use it with maps published in the Memory-Map format.

As such there are some add-on features available that you may choose and upgrade to, see below.


Optional Extras

Import 3rd party Maps (upgrade cost US$50)

If you have access to maps in other formats or want to scan and calibrate paper/digital images, you will require the "Import 3rd Party Maps" license extension.

This is an in-app option and may be purchased and activated from within the software. A free Demo period is available.

Below is a summary of the map formats available under this option.

* Digital maps in the standard GeoTiff format
* Topographic Quads in their DRG series).
* Topographic maps for Canada from eTopo.
* TIFF images supported with TFW or TAB and Datum files.
* JPG images with calibration information in JGW files.
* Maptech raster formats (BSB, PCX & RML charts, Topo
and Aero maps, and Nav-photos)
* NDI's Digital Ocean charts (BSB format)
* Softchart's NOS/GEO format.

Professional Features (upgrade cost US$125)

The professional-level license enables a number of advanced features:

Overlay data import/export
The standard product can import and export using the Memory-Map and Maptech proprietary formats, and CSV text format. The professional version adds ESRI Shapefile format (an industry standard for distributing geographic data). In ESRI Shapefile import, there is an option for automatically joining track segments. This is useful if your GPS data consists of a large number of separate polyline segments in the Shapefile. Import NMEA 0183 data logs (RMC, and WPL sentences).

Ship AIS
Real-time tracking and collision avoidance of ships, and other vessels using VHF transponders.
Click for more details.

Large-format Printing
The standard product allows map printing up to A3 size. The professional version allows large format printing.

Customize Memory-Map Navigator or Pocket Navigator
Software developers can now interact with our PC and Windows Mobile applications, and control the map view and overlays in real time. The SDK (Software Development Kit / Programming Interface) is free if you buy 5 Memory-Map Professional licenses, or you can order the SDK with 5 Memory-Map Professional runtime licenses for US$1125.

How to add-on and upgrade

First get the free download, create a user account and explore the software, activating additional features as you want/need them.

All features come with a FREE trial period so you can test it out before deciding if you want to keep using it and buy it.

When you decide to buy an add-on feature, you'll be offered a link from the software where you can make your purchase.