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You can use the Memory-Map app with a light, or dark theme. The dark theme may use less battery power and may be easier to see at night. The default is to use the same theme as your system is set to when the app is started.


Note that if you change the system theme preference, you may have to restart the app to see the change in Memory-Map.


Many devices are too bright to use at night time, if you want to keep your night vision, even if you turn the system brightness down to a minimum.


Memory-Map has a "Brightness" control that allows you to dim the colors displayed on the screen. We recommend using the dark theme if you are using a low brightness setting.


The app also has a "Backlight" control (available on some devices only - currently just Android). This allows you to control the display backlight to further dim the screen. On some devices you can dim the screen below the minimum value that is possible with the system settings.


Both of these only apply to the app. If you switch to another app it will show at the normal brightness.


The setting is not saved. If you exit the app and restart it, it displays at normal system brightness (this is necessary because if you set it to a low level, you won't be able to see the screen at all in bright conditions).


By default, the interactive controls such as the menu buttons are hidden from the display after a few seconds, allowing you to view the full screen without any clutter. The controls re-appear when you touch the screen. In the Display settings, you can change the time after which the controls are hidden, or set them so they are never hidden. Just slide the Hide Controls After setting to the desired value.


On Android, you can select Show When Locked. If this is enabled, when you turn off the device and later turn it on again, the app is immediately visible and you don't have to unlock the device to see the map.


On iOS you can achieve a similar effect using the Accessibility > Guided Access (a mode designed to allow a child to use an app without being able to switch apps). Enable the Side Button option to allow yourself to turn the device off. Note that Memory-Map does not offer a support service on using Guided Access. It is a feature of the phone, not the app.





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