Keyboard shortcuts





The app allows use of a keyboard to access certain frequently used features.

Main app screen, (not editing layout)

Page Up, Page Down : Change pages

Q : Main menu. Cursor keys and enter may be used to navigate the menu

L : Overlays List

Map screens

Cursor keys : scroll map

- or _ : zoom out

+ or = : zoom in

I, O : scale in or out

M : Map List

Del, Backspace: Delete the selected mark/waypoint

Insert, N : Insert waypoint

Enter or Esc : Done (finish route, etc)

Home or G : GPS Lock

Editing layout

Cursor keys : Move item

Ctrl + cursor keys : Adjust item size

Any text field

Standard system shortcuts: Ctrl-C Copy, Ctrl-V Paste, Ctrl-X Cut, Ctrl-Z Undo

Media Keys

Volume +, Volume - : Zoom map

Next Song  , Prev Song   : Change page

(Note, media keys don't work with iOS)


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