Finding a Place





To search in the app, use the Overlays button , and Search.

The first time you use this feature, the app may go online to download the appropriate index database for the map you are using. Once the database has been downloaded for the first time, the search feature subsequently works without any internet connection.

Enter some text that you want to search for and click the Search button. The app will search for place-names or points of interest that match. It also searches your overlays. It matches any part of the name with the text you entered.

The results are organized by category (City, Forest, Hill, Water, etc) and are sorted so that the items at the top are nearest to your currently displayed area on the map.

Click on an item in the listing to show that location on the map. The app will display the feature at the center of the map window, using the most detailed map that has been selected in the map list.

If you use the Overlays, Add New Mark command, immediately after searching, then it will create a mark at the location of the selected item.

Instead of a search text, you can enter a lat,long or grid position. The accepted format depends on what you have selected under the Main menu, Settings, Units, Position format. There is a wide variety of accepted grid systems, such as UTM, MGRS, British National Grid or Irish Grid.

If you are using a map that is manually copied into the app, it may not have the index database. We recommend only using maps downloaded from the Digital Map Store.


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