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The cloud sync feature is used to maintain identical overlay data (marks, routes and tracks) on a set of devices using the same Memory-Map account. For example, if you have a phone, a tablet and a Mac, you can create a route on the tablet, then take your phone outdoors to follow the route. While you are out, you record a tracklog and mark some interesting locations. Once back home your field data is all synced on to your Mac.

Another common use is if you get a new phone, or if you need to reset/reload your phone, you can use the sync to provision your new device with all the data you had on the old one.

To use it, any time you have an internet connection, tap Overlaysthen  Cloud Sync. You are prompted to sign in to your Memory-Map account, if you are not already signed in. This copies any data that has changed between your device and Memory-Map's cloud storage.

There is also a web interface to access your data from any browser: Sign into your account ( to access your cloud-synced data on the web.

Purchase options

There are two tiers of service that we offer. Casual users, who only use the sync feature once or twice a week with a limited amount of data, are able to use the service for free. Regular users can pay a one-year subscription fee to increase the usage limits.

Free: up to 2MB of data synced up to 10 times per calendar month.

Subscription: over 2MB of data, synced on all your devices, 10000 per month.


There is a free evaluation period for the paid level, so you can figure out if the feature is going to be useful.

The web portal allows you to upload, download and manage your data in GPX format.  Click HERE to sign-in, and click My Overlays. The subscription service includes an "Archive" facility, which off-loads data from your devices and stores it in the cloud.

Note, if you have over 2MB of data on your device (ie many thousands of marks or dozens of long complex track logs) then the performance of the app is quite severely degraded. If you don't have a good reason to need that much data, you can use the Sync Archive feature to off-load the app. The app will work much better and your battery will last longer if you do a bit of housekeeping! You can save your data as GPX files and/or move it into the Archive

For price information, and to purchase, click here.

Syncable overlay objects

Memory-Map has the ability for you to turn off syncing for an individual overlay or for a whole category (such as, all tracks). If you edit an overlay,the dialog allows you to enable or disable syncing for that object. In the Overlay list, you can use the context menu to make items syncable or non-syncable.

If an item is non-syncable, it will not be sent to the cloud storage when you do the Cloud Sync command. In addition, it will never be modified by a Cloud Sync, in the event that has been previously synced and has been modified on another device.

If you set an item to be non-syncable, you can delete locally, and it will not delete the object from the cloud. If an item has been synced, and is then deleted on another device, it will not be deleted locally if it is set to non-syncable.

So, setting an object to be non-syncable isolates that object from any changes in the cloud.

If you change an object from Non-syncable to be Syncable, and then do a Cloud Sync, then the cloud will updated to contain your version of the object.

The Sync Archive

When you have synced your data, you can go to this web page to see a list of your synced data. From here you can download it to a PC for safe-keeping, or delete it, or whatever.

Another option is to use the Archive feature of the Sync web page. Select some overlay objects and click the Archive button. The object is now removed from the list and placed in your archive. When you sync any of your mobile device, the object will be removed from the device (thereby freeing up the resources of the device).

To get the data back, sign into the sync web page again, and click Show Archive (at the bottom of the page). From here, you can select the archived overlay objects, and click Restore to add them back to the synchronized data set. You can also download the data from here, and delete it if it is no longer needed.

Sharing data with others

Note that the account used for syncing is the same as the license management account. If you want to share overlay data with other people, the way to do that is using GPX files. If you give other people your account details, they may unintentionally use your license resources, and will make it hard for you to manage your licenses. Do not use the sync feature as a way of sharing your overlay data with other people.

Data changed on more than one device

If your have a synced overlay that is subsequently changed on two different devices, only the most recently changed version is used. This can cause changes on the other device to be overwritten. If your data is valuable and they are being used other devices at the same time, save it as GPX before syncing. Alternatively, you can use Send to Cloud in context menu in the overlay list. This will send the selected object(s) to the cloud, overwriting any changes from other devices.


Another thing you might want to do, for example if you have accidentally changed an object on the device, is to discard your changes and revert to the version in the cloud. You can use the Overlay List, Menu button, Fetch All From Cloud. Another option if you want to start over from a clean slate is to use the Overlay List, Menu button, Discard All. This removes all overlays from the device, without affecting the cloud. Next time you sync, you will get a complete set of overlays from the cloud.

Privacy and security

While the data is transmitted using SSL encryption and securely stored, Memory-Map makes no guarantee about the security of the data. Do not rely on this feature to store valuable data: make a backup using GPX. The data synced can include your location history (while the track logging feature is enabled). This data could be synced to family members if they are using the same license management account. If that's a problem, or if you have any other privacy concerns, don't use the sync feature!


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