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Detailed Mapping Software Key Features

With over 10 years of development and evolution, the Memory-Map PC software application is one of the most advanced choices available.

"QuickChart" technology: High performance image manipulation algorithms let you move the map across the screen, by simply clicking and dragging. Scrolling and zooming is instantaneous, even on a mobile phone.

Simple user interface: Large, clear tool bar buttons and intuitive layout for fast access to commonly used features. Large, clear tool bar buttons and intuitive layout for fast access to commonly used features.

3D World: Display any map or aerial photograph, draped over a 3D Terrain model. Zoom in and out, spin it around, change the lighting! Adjust vertical exaggeration to highlight the terrain features. Right-click on a route or track, and "fly" along it in the 3D view.

Horizon View: The 3D terrain extends right out to the horizon, giving a stunningly realistic view of the landscape.Seamless Mapping: Merge adjacent or overlapping topo maps or charts to eliminate the map edges.

Mouse wheel: Use the wheel on your mouse to quickly zoom in or out. In fact, you can use nearly all features of the software without using the keyboard.

Real maps: The maps and charts are detailed color digital images of the user’s familiar paper maps and charts.

Supporting Mobile Device: Plan your routes and waypoints on your PC then transfer them together with some maps to a compatible mobile device to give you a portable navigation system that shows your position on real colour maps.

Full GPS interface with on-screen track-log: Your real-time position displayed on-screen on your laptop or mobile, with your track appearing and the map scrolling automatically as you move!

Performance Monitor: Monitor and review your performance by connecting a GPS and recording your position, time and speed on the on-screen track-log at down to 1 second intervals. Click anywhere on the track log to see the time you were there, and your speed at that time. Also display the elevation profile and speed profile of your track.

Easy GPS programming: Make full use of your handheld GPS by downloading routes and waypoints created on your PC

SyncWindows: A synchronised view of two maps side by side. Makes it easier to plan & view long distance routes and work with aerial photos.

Search & Display index: search features appropriate the the map; streets, topographical features, places, etc.

Elevation Profile: See the elevation profile of a route.

Speed Profile: A graphical display of your speed along a GPS tracklog

Other Profiles: Pedal Cadence and heart rate may also be graphically displayed if the data has been captured by the GPS.

AutoTrack: Draw routes and tracks freehand, convert routes to tracks and split long distance tracks. Makes route planning and GPS programming easier. Ideal for programming long routes in to a GPS.

Time Planner: Estimate your total trip time allowing for hill climbs and descents.

Customisable Navigation Window: Use the Goto waypoint or Follow route command and a pop-up window will display user selected data. Windows can be moved and sized anywhere on screen with text auto sizing.

PC to SmartPhone interface: Use Memory-Map on your desktop or laptop to plan your route, then download the maps, charts and waypoints to a PDA or SmartPhone for a full colour, portable, instant reference

Map Outlines: Show outlines of large-scale maps on your small-scale route planning maps, to enable you to quickly see if a more detailed map of the area is available.

Maps at cursor: Simply right click on a chart or map to show all the maps available at that position.

Printable "Route Card": Print off a list of waypoints in a multi-media route-card, with an elevation profile and area overview.

TextNotes: Add detailed notes to your maps in a choice of font styles and colours. Useful for creating route finding notes or recording potential hazards.

Waypoint click and drag: Enables you to quickly enter and plan a route using multiple waypoints. Simply click to enter a new waypoint then if necessary drag it to alter its position.

Waypoint / Route lock: All waypoints and routes can be locked individually. This ensures that once it is set, a route or waypoint cannot be accidentally moved out of position.

Voice Memo Position Marks: Press the record button on your Pocket PC to place a mark at your current position and rec Pedal Cadence and heart rate may also be graphically displayed if the data has been captured by the GPS.

Print custom maps: Add your own routes and waypoints to a map then print it in high-resolution full colour. Relief shading and grid overlay are print options.

Print to Scale: Print your maps at selectable true scales.

Continuous scroll mode: Quick, convenient scrolling with laptop pointing devices.

Velocity vector: Provides a quick visual check of where you’ll be if you continue the current course and speed for a given time. Enables you to quickly assess whether your current course could lead to a potential hazard.

Email: One click email support to send or receive routes, marks, tracklogs or your current position.Chart / Map selection with Keyword search: Add your own Keywords to the charts and maps you use to make them easier to find on your system.

Auto Chart Select: Automatically selects the best chart for a given GPS position.

Lock on to GPS: Automatically selects the most appropriate chart, then as you move, keeps your current position in any position on screen whilst the map scrolls. Provides a constant view of your current position and surrounding area.

Distance from current position: Simply clicking on the map will show the distance and bearing from your current position. Enables fast cross checking of your position with a compass using bearings from known landmarks.Alternate Chart Views: Enables you to have two alternate views of the same chart at different locations and/or zoom levels. Useful for a high level and detailed view of your current position or to toggle between start and end points of a route.

Multiple Windows: Multiple charts can be opened, and tiled on the display, either vertically or horizontally.

Night Colors: A menu option switches the display to lower intensity night colors to preserve night vision in low light surroundings.

Area measurement: Displays the area enclosed within a polygon, or within a tracklog created with the GPS. Displays the swept area of an agricultural machine as you drive.

Anchor and Proximity Alarm: Sound a warning beep or play a linked file when you are too close to or too far away from a point.

Satellite Status: Shows satellite signal strength, fix type and HDOP.

Position formats: Supports several coordinate systems including UTM, British National Grid, NZTM, NZMG, AMG, and a few more besides.

Overlay Import & Export: Powerful features to manage marks, routes and tracks: GPX, LOC (Geocache), iFinder, CSV, and Shapefiles.

Overlay Categories: Manage your waypoints, routes and tracklogs in any number of categories.

Video file output: Export a 3D fly-through as an AVI file, then use a video editor to create a high-impact multi-media presentation.