Version History







Fix duplicated maps on Windows

Fix spurious track log when resuming after overnight stop

Fix crash if you switch pages while app is starting up

Remember search text

Better-looking icons on all screen resolution

Import MMNav CSV files

Import custom mark/wp icons

Edit multi-selected marks, routes and tracks

Added Insert & Delete key support for editing routes

Android: Improved GPS tracking

Android: Added Bluetooth GPS connection

Android and iOS: select multiple GPX files to import in one go


1.2.2 - 1.2.5: Android only maintenance releases



Added terrain elevation data (Automatically downloaded)

Added Route Profile graph (context menu for Route)

Added Track Altitude and Speed profile graphs (context menu for Track)

Option to use terrain elevation in tracklog instead of GPS/Barometer (Altitude Settings)

Show terrain ascent, descent, max elevation and estimated time for planned route (Edit Route)

Added Route settings to adjust time estimation parameters for Naismiths rule, averaging time and Auto-reverse

Added Search in the Overlay list

Added "VMG along Axis"

Allow selection of multiple GPX files to import at a time

Allow resizing of Overlays and Map list dialogs

If you move or resize a dialog, the new position is remembered

Added Scale-in and Scale-out toolbar button items

Added PageUp/PageDn/Home/End key handling for list dialogs

Improved ETA estimation when near a turn in the route

Improved Route navigation when the route doubles back on itself

Fixed Overlay List > Settings > Show All and Hide All

Remember directory for file load/save dialog

Fixed suggested filename for file save

Support for app-links (Install maps, view a location or create marks using web links from browser)

Bug fixes



Android Settings > Display > Show When Locked

More bug fixes

Updated tooling to Qt 6.3.2



Just Bug fixes



Added Irish Grid (Settings>Units>Position Format)

Windows: Prevent from sleeping during map download.

Windows: Display>Keep screen on



Fixed spurious invalid positions while GPS is valid

Option to use a text label at mark/WP instead of icon (Name or multiline Notes)

Added altitude settings with option to use barometer, GPS or a blend.

Added tracklog Ascent/Descent metrics

Added support for Pen/Pencil/Stylus

Draw detailed routes with a stroke of the Pen/Pencil, or Ctrl-drag with mouse.

Busy indicator while online

Button to dismiss status message

Adjustable Auto-hide UI controls timeout in Display Settings

Separate setting for Height units

Several bug/crash fixes

Cloud Sync: Force upload of selected objects in Overlays list

Cloud Sync: Fetch all objects from cloud, discarding local changes.

Added Static text layout item

Added Keyboard shortcuts



Fixed shift of map when changing pages

Changing overlay visibility does not change "modified" date or cause it to sync

Fixed crash when a dialog fails to open

Resume button icon



Edit Layout: allow shrinking of items to fit available space

Added Satellite Status for Location service

Improved tracklog glitch-rejection

GPS lock_point preserved when changing pages

Added Arm V7A build for older Android devices

More robust map package download

Various bug-fixes



Android: Fixed opening files from Gmail (Unknowns file extension)

Added "Create Account" dialog in the app instead of in browser

Fixed spurious directory creation on exit

Fixed Overlay Move-to missing categories

Route-to-track and Track-to-route hides the object instead of deleting

Overlays list, save category status when all categories are closed

Removed "Resume Recording" from Overlays menu. Flatten "Start" or "Stop"

Fixed hard to join tracks, increased distance threshold

Map Info dialog: Show path within app container

Fixed wrong layout for iPhone Max Pro

Fixed bug: Overlapping Map item, right-click

Dialog boxes may be dragged by the title bar

Added "Lock-screen" configurable Toolbar button

Improved layout edit usability

Layout Pages list shows all items with context menus

Show bulk-download progress when map data is already downloaded

Fixed Chunk Status crash

Added Mac "Open with MMfA" for all file types

Added Map Storage > Choose Map Folder for desktop OS's

Android: Added Map Storage > SD Card

Tracklog storage: retain more detail

Windows: fixed timezone issue

Android: Fixes for Full-screen mode (you still have to exit and restart the app when switching to full-screen)



Using GPS "Data Connection" doesn't require Pro license.

Tap on Track gives total distance in Status

Tap on Route WP gives distance to that point

Color selection: added black/grey

Fixed crash on Mac when Copy-Maps-From is canceled

Linux: added "choose folder"

Fixed Android Full-screen on start-up

Settings/About shows Qt build environment

No "Full Screen" option for Mac (built in to MacOS)

Fixed Windows QC3 file size

Fixed crash when deleting a route that is being followed

Location is valid whenever it has altitude or speed and direction

Android error messages on map copy

Fixed loss of overlay data when saving large database on Android

Fixed random app lockup on Android



Android background recording fix



Layout Pages menu > Revert to Saved Layout

Fixed Android start-up jitter

Settings>Display>Fullscreen (mobile: allows you to show system status & nav bar. Windows: full screen, Esc to cancel)

Open GPX files in MMfA from files or other apps

Added Volume keys for zooming (Android & Windows)

Android using "Share" API instead of file save

Desktop single-application and command-line processing

Updated overlay template, more flexible date/time formatting (see docs)

Track template was not saved

Edit Mark Links

Odometer "Invalid"

Show extent of data on the map after GPX import

Added Save/Share in overlay context menu on map

Save As shows the suggested name on Windows

Package download deletes any partial files if download fails

Fixed map download crash after cancel

Always expand Packages in DMS listing

Add paste buttons to login dlg

Fixed resume/shutdown crashes on Android



Android sign-in dialog bug fix



Windows location service

Tooltip bearing and distance from start point of route

Overlay list > Edit defaults

Track: Overall Average speed (in addition to Average Moving speed)

Show Licenses dialog shows account user ID and Device name, and allows changing of the device name

Fixed Cloud Sync objects deleted count



Top-level Menu Icons

Added detail text to overlays list

Added map status icon in map list

Added configurable toobar button items

Added Create New Route

Tooltip data for Track: added time and distance to that point on the tracklogs

Overlay list and Find Place save the expanded category state

Select object on map, then show Overlays List -> now object is selected in list

Added Compass and Barometer sensors (iOS & Android)

Added Menu > Quit App (for tech support trouble-shooting)

Added Map Storage > Delete Un-licensed maps

Layout editing with touch, use button for pop-up context menu instead of press-and-hold (allows fine adjustment of items without accidentally invoking the menu)

Default behavior is to keep screen on when device is plugged in.

Option in display settings, keeps screen on even when not plugged in.

Track context menu > Stop Recording & Resume Recording

Default to enable background recording, logging off

Fixed Optimize Route, with no internet access (retain original route)

Enable "How to Buy" and "Preview" without account creation

Fixed Total size estimate when downloading Whole map

Bug fix on Error in Progress Dlg

Added Maps > Map Storage > Backup to... and Restore from... (iCloud, thumbdrive, etc)

Bug fix: Crash when pressing buttons in the map list while the DMS request is in progress

Fixed Android camera display cut-out in the corners 




Change scale at zoomed/popup screen position

Show coordinates while dragging mark

Dont fade-out buttons while dragging mark

Fixed keyboard focus issues





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