About Memory-Map

Thank you for loading the Memory-Map iPhone/iPad application. We hope you find the software to be useful and fun. If you do, please take a few moments to send in a review to the App store. It really helps! On the other hand, if you ever have a problem with the app, do not hesitate to contact us via our support web page.

Memory-Map allows you to navigate with your phone or tablet using a wide variety of maps available for many parts of the world. It is designed for outdoor, off-road use, with topo maps, marine charts and aeronautical charts. If you already have Memory-Map's PC software, you can use any of your existing maps on the iPhone or iPad.

Getting Started

Using Online Maps

Using Maps Purchased Outside the App

Downloading maps for Offline Use

Loading Your Existing Maps

Visualizing downloaded and activated areas

Finding a Place

Using GPS

Compass Heading

Using Marks

Using Routes

Customizing the Navigation data

Locking the Screen

Sharing and Importing GPX data