Hema 4WD Maps Review

20 April 2011

Hema 4WD maps available for iPhone/iPad

You can now download the acclaimed Hema 4WD maps straight to an iPhone or iPad. In fact, the maps work with all the Memory-Map range of GPS navigation software, running on either a PC, iPhone/iPad or compatible GPS system. You’ll need an internet connection to access the maps, but once downloaded they can be used offline.

This means you can take them with you deep into the outback and have live GPS tracking that shows you exactly where you are at all times. No more agonizing whether you’ve gone past that turnoff or still need to push on.

The Hema maps are well known for their extensive range of outback maps dedicated to 4WD adventure. The set of over 75 maps have been grouped into four regions: Eastern Australia, Western Australia, Northern Australia and Great Desert Tracks. Each region contains over a dozen maps at different scales.

Hema have fielded checked and recorded over 200,000km of outback roads and tracks, making these the most accurate outback maps available. They also include essential travel notes, features and places of interest that you may like to explore.

The maps are available from the Digital Map Store which is accessed “in-app”. That’s to say you first download the free Memory-Map software (either for the PC or iPhone/iPad) which gives you a direct link to the Digital Map Store. From here you can start browsing and downloading the maps.

The maps come with a free 10-day trial period, so you can fully explore both the maps and the system before you buy anything. Beyond the trial period, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue using them. The license allows you to use the maps on PC, Mac and Mobile Devices that you own.

Owning the rights to use a map (rather than owning a map) means you can download it as often as you like. So if you’ve accidentally deleted it or lose the files, you simply download it again. It also means that you don’t need to download all the maps in a package at once. You can download them at anytime, as you need them.

In addition to the Hema maps, the Digital Map Store offers a wide range of Australian mapping including state-by-state topographic maps. As with the Hema maps, these can also be downloaded with a free trial period.

Memory-Map was founded in the USA in 2000 with a mission to provide advanced navigation and map display software to the marine and outdoor recreation community. Since then the Memory-Map product line has grown to include product sets for seven different countries, coming to Australian shores in 2006. The Australian line up already features a strong product set tailored for 4WD, walking, boating and other outdoor recreation activities. Recognizing the growing demand for maps to be delivered directly to mobile devices, Memory-Map developed the advanced technology behind the Digital Map Store. This provides a secure channel for traditional map publishers to compete at the forefront of technology.