Memory-Map for All

The new Memory-Map app for all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

Instead of supporting different apps on each platform, Memory-Map is using a cross-platform toolkit to deliver an identical app on all platforms.

For at-home planning and printing, we still recommend using the good-old Memory-Map Navigator on Windows.  For outdoor navigation, we recommend the new Memory-Map for All.

See the online manual for installation and how to get started.

Memory-Map for All has much in common with the older Memory-Map apps.

  • All apps can access the same maps (iOS and Android apps need a separate copy of the maps)
  • All can read and write GPX files
  • All use the same Memory-Map Cloud Sync service

Memory-Map for All has the following new features across all devices

  • Easily backup and restore maps from local storage
  • Overlay data organized in nested categories
  • Sort overlay data by name, distance from current map view, size, date
  • Search overlays
  • Search and sort the map list
  • Dark mode / Screen brightness control (for nighttime use and lower power consumption)
  • Customizable screen layout with configurable buttons and data readouts
  • Flip between pages showing different maps or data layouts.
  • Configure the default appearance for new tracks, marks and routes
  • Route terrain elevation profile, estimated walking time taking ascent into account
  • Interactive speed and altitude graphs of Tracks

See detailed App Comparison