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The Digital Map Store is the in-app portal to 1000’s of maps for USA, Canada and many other parts of the world including: UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more…

Access to the Digital Map Store (DMS) for downloading maps is provided through the Memory-Map apps on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Whole maps or selected area of maps are downloaded from the DMS server. Once downloaded and activated, you no longer need to maintain the internet connection to use the maps.

Some maps are free, and many offer a free demo period, so you can see if it is the map you want to buy and keep.

The cost of the maps varies from $5 up to $200 or more, depending on the royalties charged by the map publisher.

Getting started

First install one of the Memory-Map apps to your PC or Mobile Device. Then use the basemap (or the search feature) to find the location where you want to access a more detailed map.

On a PC, you then click the Digital Map Store button on the toolbar to search for maps in the area shown on the screen.

On an iOS, Mac or Android device, tap the Maps button, then Digital Map Store. The different types of map type are displayed in a hierarchical list.

The Digital Map Store listing initially shows available maps that cover the location you were viewing. If you would like to search for a map, select Maps Everywhere and enter a placename or keyword to search.

Or browse online

You can explore the list of available maps and pricing in your browser, but you’ll need to install the app and create a user account to preview the actual map. Click the button below.

It’s free to try out, so why not download some maps today?