Memory-Map started the outdoor digital mapping revolution back in 2000 and today hundreds of thousands of customers rely on our award winning software on land, at sea and in the air.

Quick, easy and reliable for all your devices: PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Whether you use PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets. Memory-Map is simple and easy to use:

Plan routes, check distance, elevation profiles and even fly-through your route in 3D on your PC

Print your own maps with routes and notes

Transfer routes, marks and tracks with CloudSync across all your devices, or use GPX to exchange data with Garmin GPS or other apps and devices

Navigate safely with your position shown on a real map and advanced navigation data displays 

Review GPS tracklogs to see time, speed and distance covered

Pricing: Our business model is to sell the maps and charts for use with our free apps. There are thousands of different maps available and prices vary. You can explore the available maps and pricing in the Digital Map Store.

  • Memory-Map for All

    The new Memory-Map app for all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

    Instead of supporting different apps on each platform, Memory-Map is using a cross-platform toolkit to deliver an identical app on all platforms.

    For at-home planning and printing, we still recommend using the good-old Memory-Map Navigator on Windows.  For outdoor navigation, we recommend the new Memory-Map for All.


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  • Windows 10 Logo

    Memory-Map Navigator

    Windows 3D Mapping Software

    Planning a trip on a big screen is so much easier with versatile features like 3D.

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  • Mac Laptop

    Memory-Map for Mac

    GPS Mapping Software

    Run the same app on your Mac as on your iPhone, iPad or Android! Requires MacOS 10.14 “High Sierra” or later.

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  • Android Robot Logo

    Memory-Map Android

    GPS Mapping Software for Android

    Ideal for on-the-go navigation, you can use Memory-Map on your every-day phone or use a dedicated rugged android phone or tablet.

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  • Apple Logo Black

    Memory-Map iOS

    GPS Mapping Software for iPhone and iPad

    Ideal for on-the-go navigation, you can use Memory-Map on your iPhone and iPad.

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  • Extras

    Learn about options and add-ons

    The apps are free but there are some add-on features you may like to consider, such as Cloud Sync, 3rd party map import or Marine AIS integration.

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