Cloud Sync

Synchronize Marks, Routes and Tracks between all your devices running Memory-Map.

Memory-Map offers an online service to copy changes in your overlays between each of your devices. Only changes are copied, so it is a fast and efficient way of keeping everything up to date.

There are two tiers of service that we offer. Casual users, who only use the sync feature once or twice a week with a limited amount of data, are able to use the service for free. Regular users can pay a one-year subscription fee to increase the usage limits.

  • Free: up to 2MB of data synced up to 10 times per calendar month.
  • Subscription: over 2MB of data, synced on all your devices, 10000 per month.

The subscription service also offers an “Archive” facility, which offloads data from your devices and stores it in the cloud.

There is a web portal that allows you to upload, download and manage your data in GPX format from any computer. Sign In to your Memory-Map account and click the My Overlays button.

To purchase the subscription, CLICK HERE

Note, we do not charge automatic recurring fees. At the end of the subscription, you will be prompted to renew.