Our new cross-platform app, Memory-Map for All, is now available and recommended for all new users. See Installation Instructions

Legacy Apps

Download the Memory-Map iOS app from the App Store.

New Beta Release: Install the Apple Testflight app, then CLICK HERE

Version history: What’s new

Download the Android app from the Google Play store.

New Beta Release: CLICK HERE to enroll in our Beta test program and try out the latest features

Download Memory-Map Navigator v6.4.3 for Windows. This is the current version of the Memory-Map Navigator software, for use on Windows 7 or later.

New Beta Release Available: Memory-Map Navigator v6.4.3 for Windows.

What’s new: See version history

Download Memory-Map for Mac v1.7.1 Run the same app on your Mac as on your iPhone, iPad or Android! Requires MacOS 10.14 or later.

New Beta Release for Mac Available: Memory-Map for Mac v1.7.1 (Universal app for M1 processor. Requires macOS 10.14 Mojave, or later)

Version history: What’s new for Mac

AIS add-on for Windows

For use with the Professional upgrade with MMnav on Windows PC. Note: AIS functionality is built into MMfA and into the Android, iOS and Mac app. No add on is needed. Do not use this add-on unless you are already familiar with the legacy MMNav app.

Download HERE (Version 5.3.2)

For more info on AIS click here.

Map Downloads

Maps and charts are downloaded from the in app portal called the Digital Map Store. First get the software application installed, then start browsing for maps to download.

A free basemap is installed by default, and you can use the Digital Map Store feature to explore detailed Topo map, Marine charts and many other specialist maps.